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Comrade Simmons Strikes Again.

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This from his aptly named BS Report. Comrade Simmons is worried that the bad officiating is hurting the bets he makes on football games. You know, if gambling were legal.

He wants Obama to exert “pressure” on Roger Goodell to give in to the unions, because football is the national pastime.

Bill. Does the word “Liberty” mean anything to you? You want to take away Goodell’s liberty? What if Obama decided you have to write an article every day, or be fined or imprisoned, because you are America’s Sports Guy?

Have you heard of the Constitution of the United States, which said Obama swore to defend? Do you know that Obama swore to defend that part of the Constitution that says he is not supposed to seize power that isn’t listed explicitly in said Constitution? And pressuring private owners of private property is not one of his explicit powers.

And of course, while we are at it, why did it not occur to your Socialist mind that maybe it’s the Referee’s Union that needs it’s arm twisted? After all, unions have destroyed every single thing their cancerous hands have touched, given enough time. Don’t you realize they have destroyed, and will destroy further, NFL refereeing, too?


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