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The NFL Union Refs Injuring the Players, According to ESPN.

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Here’s the latest quote:

Here’s what I think should happen. At the end of this farcical exercise in union avarice, and whenever he has determined that his ego has been sufficiently fluffed and his power sufficiently recognized throughout the land, head of the NFL Referees Association Ed Hochuli should take his entire 2012 salary and split every dime of it up among the players in the National Football League, because they are the ones he’s putting at risk…

Oh, wait. ESPN didn’t actually write that. Instead they said the above about Roger Goodell. Get it? The refs don’t want to work for $6,000 a game plus benefits and pension, they want $7,000 a game. And if their greedy little hearts don’t get it, they will let the players injure themselves to death. And whose fault is it? Roger Goodell’s.

The point is, it takes two to tango. Whatever blame ESPN thinks Goodell deserves, all the striking refs deserve to the exact same degree as Goodell. What is so difficult to grasp here?

Of course, the article makes constant use of the repulsive insult “scab” when mentioning the referees who allow him to watch the game when the greedy union refs won’t. The people he denigrates for no reason are merely regular people, trying to feed their family. It is just one more example of almost universal ignorance of economics that few realize that the parasitic unions, who ruin whatever business they infest [latest example: GM], are the real scabs.

Link to the ESPN nitwit’s article:



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