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Hello dear readers.

What’s there to say? You know what this site is about. You see the articles, which you can judge on their merits. You have an internet connection, to fact check my claims.

So relax, enjoy, send in comments, especially positive ones. Ask questions.



  1. Mike Z. says:

    Hi Dave,

    Kudos for your bitcoin analysis (how I found your site). Kudos especially because the usual/prominent Austrian economists have been so reluctant to weigh in (including Bob Murphy and his non-committal youtube video).

    Me – degree in econ + Mises U. + the Rothbard Graduate Seminar + one of the ten people on the planet (according to Hoppe) to have read _The Pure Theory of Capital_. In other words, I’m serious.

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting the bitcoin info together and I look forward to checking out the blog as time permits.


  2. Andrew says:

    Dave, Great discussion on your blog. Since you have a desire to assertively challenge mainstream economics, we invite you to provide your opinion on a new approach related to Austrian Economics—Give and Take Economics. Our home is http://www.economicsreinvented.com.


  3. sdavesblog says:

    I think I’m in over my head there.


  4. White Labcoat says:

    I quite like your conversational style of writing (SD vs DA and so on). I just listened to a recording of Bastiat’s “What Is Money” and it made me think of you.



  5. Smiling Dave says:

    Thanks. Being placed in same sentence as Bastiat is quite an honor.


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