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Word of Smiling Dave Spreads to New Jersey.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party website has copied Smiling Dave’s most popular article, How Mises’ Dismissed that Whole Keynesian Thing with a Decisive One Liner. No money changed hands.

This will further Dave’s campaign to get Vickrey’s Nobel Prize transferred to him.

Stockholm officially denied even knowing about the campaign’s existence.

“Smiling Dave can just quit wasting his time right now. Our decisions about Nobel recipients are final. William Vickrey won his prize, deservedly, and he’s keeping it.”

Yeah, right.

You can put my humble articles on your website, too, free. Just go to the bottom of this page, where it’s black, and read the simple requirements.

P.S. All Dave’s posts are also featured on a site run by his good friend, who has figured out how to actually make money from the internet. Link:  http://2013.dragontau.com/

P.P.S. And someone has published Dave’s article about Wage Slavery on their fresh new website. [Also available right here]. Tremble, William Vickrey.


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