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The article is not written by an Austrian. But he points out a few important facts that prove bitcoin is not now, and never will be, a medium of exchange.

1. Nobody is actually buying anything with bitcoins. We are talking about hoarders almost exclusively [99%].

The bitcoin crowd will have you believe that you could open a giant mall with all the constant buying and selling going on with bitcoins. They publish catalogues, they list lists, they say bitcoin is already thriving as a currency.

But the facts are exactly the opposite. 99% of the bitcoins in the world were mined, and then held onto tightly, like Smaug the Dragon sitting on his gold.

Conversation with Smaug.png

Sorry guys, that is not a medium of exchange. At all. A medium of exchange is something you use to buy stuff, not something to sleep on.

2. Bitcoin all in all is a tiny tiny market.

A medium of exchange has to be in very wide usage. But only a small number of people have anything to do with it. Add that to the fact that 99% of those who have touched it are hoarding it, and we see that bitcoin is not a medium of exchange at all.

3. The price of a Bitcoin is directly related to the publicity given to Bitcoin.

I love these two charts:

What do you call a thing that goes up and down in prices depending on publicity? A fad, that’s what. Bitcoin is a fad, and like all fads, will go out of fashion some day.

4. The moment someone actually tries to release a significant amount bitcoins on the market [for example, actually use them as money], bitcoin prices will drop like a stone.

Which is exactly what a money isn’t. Imagine if the moment you went to the store with your dollars, their value melted away? Would you accept payment in dollars, or try and find something better?

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