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The Veil of Opulence and the Veil of Ignorance.

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It’s about a New York Times leftist editorial, about how Obama is great and Romney is evil. Full disclosure: I have contempt for both candidates, but more for Obama.

For some reason, I felt sick reading that editorial. The gist is that if only we all took the point of view of the poor, downtrodden, unfortunates in life, who, through no fault of their own, need charity to survive, then we would all agree that Obama’s program of tax the rich, of healthcare, and everything else he ever did or will do, is the way to go.

It is only when we, through some perversity of human nature, falsely imagine ourselves rich, that we take the point of view that the rich should not have to support the unfortunate poor as if they were their very own beloved children.

The author is Benjamin Hale, an assistant professor of philosophy and environmental studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a co-editor of the journal Ethics, Policy & Environment.
 He looks like this: 

Note that he has no clue about economics. He knows about philosophy. He knows about the environment. He knows about shaving his head. But he does not know anything about economics. [As will be amply shown later].

We will leave aside the philosophical and moral questions for the moment, and, for the sake of argument, accept all his assumptions. The role of the President is to make sure the poor get what they need so badly, and if that means taxing the rich to give to the poor, so be it.

The question now becomes, will Obama’s plans actually work? Will the poor be better off if we follow his schemes? This is an economic question, and one that Benjamin Hale totally ignores. Austrian Economics argues that all of Obama’s plans will leave the poor worse off than before. Obviously, poor Benjamin Hale does not know anything about economics, or he would have addressed this point.

He would have written, “Though we all want the poor to be taken care of, Obama’s foolish programs will leave them worse off than ever. Vote for Romney as the slightly lesser of these two evils. Better yet, write in Ron Paul.”

One humble blog cannot go into all the details of the horrific harm to the poor [not to mention the rich and the middle class] from all of Obama’s insane programs. Thankfully, that work has been done for us over at Mises.org.

But I can paint you a little picture of what the future holds under Comrade Obama. Go look at Greece and Spain and basically all of Europe, as it crumbles step by step from exactly what Obama wants to institute here.

Greece and Spain’s problems stem from one fact. The govt was incredibly generous to everyone. Until it ran out of money. Now they are all worse off than if they would have all actually worked for a living, instead of being supported by Big Brother.  

That’s exactly what will happen here. Of course, here the problem will be compounded many times over, because the govt, in addition to throwing a few crumbs to the poor, throws bit fat banquets to itself. They do this by printing digital money and spending it. Over at mises.org, you can learn why this impoverishes the country.

Bottom line, philosophy and baldness and black plastic eyeglasses are all very nice, but they do not qualify one to preach an economic position. To do that, you have to actually understand economics.



  1. Anonymous says:

    This is one of my new favorite blogs. It combines Austrian stuff with humor, perfect. I run a completely stupid nonsensical vulgar blog at philosophersphallacies.wordpress.com. I don't recommend you go there because it's really bad. But I also plan to combine my love of Austrian stuff with humor from time to time. I'll be linking to this blog.


  2. Smiling Dave says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Like your blog.


  3. You Are A Comically Pathetic Ideologue says:

    You clearly don’t understand logic. Fantastic demonstration of Ad Hominem, though. I’ll give you that. For someone who claims to have some basic understanding of economics you sure failed to demonstrate it here in any way shape or form, I can say that because I actually have an education in economics.


  4. Smiling Dave says:

    I actually have an education in economics.

    There’s your problem. It is exactly like a German student claiming he knows genetics because he studied it under the Nazi regime. You see, my son, in any field that has something to say about govt policy, the govt will make sure to hire faculty that brainwashes the innocents such as yourself, and even make them feel superior to those who know what’s what.

    “But Dave, surely in the United States or UK or Canada or any English speaking democratic country, that will never happen.”

    “Just do a seacrh for University Brainwashing and you will see.”


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