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Fox Sports Nails It.

Lebron noticed that there are quite a few bad teams in the NBA, and suggested eliminating a few. Makes sense to me, cause those teams are losing money.

Enter Fox Sports, who argues against contraction with this insightful gem:

The players association would not be doing its job properly if it agreed to, in any form, the elimination of one-sixth or even one-30th of its members. If you contract, say, five teams, you eliminate 75 of the already most-exclusive jobs in the world.

Let’s think about this a minute. You have 75 jobs. Those jobs are not productive, because they do not produce profit for their employer. They are parasitic jobs, sucking money away from employers. It’s gotten to the point where the NBA lost $300 million dollars, and this at the height of its popularity.

And Fox Sports correctly notes that the proper job of the union is to make sure those 75 parasitic employees keep on collecting checks.

Note that those 75 parasitic jobs drain money from the employers at first, but eventually will rob the other employees as well. This has already happened. There is no NBA season this year. Every last NBA player will not make money, not just the 75 parasites.

And indeed such is the history of unions in the USA. They close every business they manage to insinuate themselves into. Their methods are identical to what Fox Sports says they should be doing in the NBA, protecting parasitic jobs, ultimately closing down the business.

Now they are working on closing down whole governments all over the world in the exact same way.

You nailed it, Fox Sports.


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